Test Blog Post: Smile For the Camera

I did some research on why smiling is good to do and I found some really cool thing one of which is it lowers the heart rate and boosts the immune system which is really cool. the reason smiling makes your heart rate stay low is because it relaxes the body and it also reduces blood pressure temporarily. studies show that people that smile and laugh more, are less likely to get heart diseases. The reason this boosts the immune system is because it helps you relax causing the immune system to react quicker to problems.

Anthony_Smile 2014




Hello everyone I am Glad to inform you that I will be posting my first series of walkthrough’s to my blog starting Wednesday June 4. I will be playing the game N+ with commentary on the fastest and easiest ways to get through levels.

Also check out my support page where you can ask any question related to gaming and I will help you out with some advice. I hope you all have a good day and hope to here from you on my next posts.


Best Blog Nomination

Hey everyone so I’m not sure if you guys are also doing this but for my final required post I am going to nominate the blog Discover the Future. My reasoning for doing so is in the blog when you read it you can tell the author is very passionate about the topic that she chose to write about. Another thing that influenced me to nominate this blog was the quality of the writing.

The author used reliable sources for the information for the posts, and also linked them in the bottom. The author didn’t have any profound language which made it readable for a younger audience. Almost all posts had a picture that helped the reader understand the post. There are also no grammar mistakes I could find which shows good literacy. This blog was also very well organized and fun to read.

If I were to give this blog a grade I would have to say in the 95 out of 100 area. My reasoning for this is the good literacy, good information, passion for the topic and the organization of the blog.

Visit the blog at: http://thefutureisdynamic.edublogs.org/


My Future in Games

Hello everyone, So I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and what video games would be like and how I would use my knowledge of them for a job or competition. So I did some research about video game design and also testing and I found a lot of cool facts about it.

As a video game tester in the higher level you can make anywhere from 18,000 to 55,000 dollars a year. Some people think that testing video games is all about sitting around but according to another blog “As a video game tester doesn’t mean you sit around and play games. But it is a great way to break into the game industry. In fact, I’m the poster boy for starting as a tester.” so i found that cool.

Now for the video game design, for more current games that are being developed the company’s are using real human movements to animate the characters. also the graphics for these games are getting better and the pixels are getting smaller. according to this linked site the annual salary of a video game designer is around $55,000 a year and and around $22 an hour.

Thanks for reading my info I found out about the game industry. if you have any questions please fell free to comment and have a nice day.


Why my Blog is Worth Your While

Hey guys Its me so recently I was asked why my blog would be worth going to and why my blog is different from other gaming blogs and to tell you the truth its not really that different other then the fact that a 15 year old is in charge of it. But my blog is worth your time the reason I say this is because I am 15 so i’m around the same age group so I can relate, I also can offer advice that most blogs wouldn’t. For example about a month ago I got a comment about this game called Battletoad’s which is an old game for the older system and was an arcade game. Now do to a lack of personal info of the game I stayed up till 1 am researching then I finally found the answer. I replied to the comment so the point is I would do more to try and help you with anything you need weather its a walkthrough or a gameplay of a small you if you request it I will try my hardest to get it done. If you have any questions for me just ask in the comments and please subscribe for e-mail updates.


Hey guys I was Looking around YouTube and found this really cool video. It’s a game show were pro gamer’s have a team with a noob other known as a new gamer and the pro’s have to train them with out touching the controller. Its really cool and I hope you all enjoy BYE!!!!!!!!!


Oculus Rift

The oculus rift created by Palmer luckey is one of the newest forms of virtual reality. You put on headgear with gyro sensors in it that detect movement of the head this is important because that’s what you use to look around while in the game. This new form of virtual reality has been formed into the world of gaming to make the gamer feel more submerged in the game. The current most popular game genre for this system is the horror genre with over 100 titles under the genre currently. Over the last few months I have seen more and more professional gamer’s on YouTube using this new and high tech equipment. The equipment for this gaming experience is a whopping 300-500 Dollars, this may be a large amount but is definitely worth it. If interested visit the official oculus rift site. Also look it up on youtube! thanks for reading and comment any questions below in the comment section. BYE!!!!!!!!!!



“he put down on a scrap piece of paper the last moments of twenty men in the world.” This quote is from a wonderful book I am currently reading although it doesn’t relate to gaming at all it is something that is very meaningful. In the book perfect storm it tells you a story about some men that went out on a large fishing boat. They were commercial fisher men and after a while this storm the perfect storm they call it comes and ends up flipping the boat upside down and sinking the line refers to a point before this happens were I believe the captain writes a note saying what is going to happen. I think that there is a large amount of different meanings to this but the main thing this reminds me of is helplessness which brings me to gaming. You see I recently finished the last of us and throughout the whole game it gave you the sense of helplessness for example in the beginning of the game you are trying to get away from the infected when you find yourself surrounded  by what seems to be a swat team that then shots your daughter and kills her. After that your character seems helplessly lost and bugged out about it. I think the game did a good job at portraying that but that’s all I am going to say about that I don’t want to spoil the game for all you that haven’t played it yet. But anyway the quote at the top isn’t about video games so don’t really think of it like that think of it as a feeling, Helplessness.

Hey guy’s if any of you have any thing to say about this just comment. Although this wasn’t really about gaming I figured I would post this for you guy’s to read